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2015 Ford Mustang will rock the silver screen in Need for Speed film

Published by on Jan 15th, 2014, No Comments


So, as we have discussed before, we – just like many other car enthusiasts world wide – are really, really excited for the Need for Speed movie to be released.

And now, just to make the anticipation even greater, the film’s producers has released a little teaser trailer of one of the biggest cameo’s  in the movie. And just who is the beauty that will be making a cameo in the film? The all new, 2015 Ford Mustang! Yes we are telling the truth!

Aaron Paul, who plays the lead in the film, will be driving the all new, all amazing 2015 Ford Mustang in the film. He can definitely count himself as one lucky guy!

But the collaboration between the Need for Speed franchise, and Mustang goes a little bit deeper.

While the Mustang is seen as a beast of a car, a vehicle for speed freaks and an all round, all American staple, its no wonder the two have decided to blend together so gloriously.

Another big thing, is that it is the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang – and what better way to celebrate than by showcasing the latest Mustang to its full potential in a film!?

In the clip, one of the producers explain their reason for bringing in the magnificent Mustang:

“Everybody that buys a Mustang or owns a Mustang has a need for speed”

Truth, I tell you!

Need for Speed is slated for release on March 14th. So, that is almost exactly 2 months to go. Believe you me, we’re counting down the days.

For now, however, check out the tantalizing teaser trailer below:



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